The Purpose of this Page

This website supports the following texts written by Andreas Schwarzinger:
"Digital Signal Processing in Modern Communication Systems" (ISBN: 978-0-9888735-0-6)
"Digital Signal Processing in Modern Communication Systems (2nd Edition)" (ISBN: 978-0-9888735-1-3)
Both books can be purchased on www.amazon.com.

Both books contain many MatLab examples, which due to space considerations are presented as compactly as possible. To complement the reader's experience of the text books, the following is provided by this website.
-> Access to the full MatLab code base that was used during the development of the books.
-> Access to Word and PDF files regarding related topics about signal processing, numerical methods, analog receiver principles and communication systems which did not fit into the two text books.
-> Access to MatLab, Python and C++ code to support all complementary topics.

Over time, this website will grow in content, so please feel free to return for updates periodically.

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